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This session is about Facebook Marketing part 1 of a three-part mini Formación.  In this episode of the podcast that is easy to do online marketing we will dive into Facebook Marketing.  In particular I will give you three ’ strategies now working to attract more quality of Facebook fans. Why are big fans on Facebook?  There are a number of reasons.  Before when everything has a large community of people on Facebook, they increase their chances, seen and heard within Facebook.  The ’ is just a numbers game. The fans who say, I don't love your posts and your content, more than often, people on Facebook share can display the content. You like an army of delirious fans on – and Facebook can do just that. ? Also, are you a fan of Facebook account serves as social evidence.  You think that this means that if someone enters your Facebook page and see that you a few thousand fans (or more!), “, this company is legitimate. ” Crazy, I know.  But it's true!  We fbinfluence 2.0 download want fans of pages of our friends and colleagues how to.  The fans have more, more new fans, what you can. In this episode of parts I with you three super simple yet very valuable, a fan of stuff on Facebook pulls.  This implementation and start to see more fans at night. Easy!. The ’ is easy to implement (it takes less than 5 minutes!) and is one of the most effective ways to develop a community of fans of quality. A display can show friends your fans and requires no special copy or images. The ’ is easy to install, inexpensive and very effective. One of the most common reasons to battle people get more fans of Facebook is this gift ’ t has any obligation on his Facebook page. If you ’ n t I pledge ’ won, t is one in news and news feed, where the action on Facebook. If you get people on Facebook (news, comments and content like me) exposure speak organic increases (d. h. no ’ you do not have to pay for the contract, it is natuarally).  If the exposure is increasing, his fan base. I'll show you how to ensure that you have no other time where you say, “ can ’ I believe everything published today on my Facebook page! ”. Do not forget!  This episode is part 1 of 3 mini-Facebook part education.  In episode 8, I will show you how their programs, to promote products and services on Facebook and in episode 9 it ’ teach strategies to sell intelligent use on Facebook.  So make sure that no ’ t miss the next few sessions. I get a listener defined for your podcast. The podcast is really help to think my online marketing strategy on Facebook, and much more. Thank you very much. Heard you through podcast answer man. I know that you're compatible viewing public / hear, but thank you for your marketing tips. Thank you very much for your help. I prefer the relaxed approach. So that your personality saturate presentation gives people a better understanding of who you are. Become a fan of you. Always did a great job. This is my first your heard podcasts. The content was super helpful and for someone, the ’ not as a means of social reason as the basis for the typical listener, I understand almost everything! His teaching style is authoritarian, but colloquially comfortable, no need to waste your time in editing. Please, spend your time rather more useful than similar podcast! Hi Amy, I love the podcast. I recently heard this episode a second time because I ’ the growth of our presence on Facebook has been released. I'm wondering if anyone out there has encountered on the case, his competitors or similar companies, rather than on Facebook or a small but dedicated and follow. I wonder if this isn't the right place for niche or if we're all masses. Thank you for your insightful podcast. I eagerly await each new episode. Hi Amy, was an amazing podcast and where I use different strategies, I admit, I did tests of laxity in these areas. You gave me many ideas. BTW, I found the PDF file makes information Editor. ? Can you give me the link? Thank you very much!. Amy was a great podcast. I m ’ I do not know what to do in the situation the I in - over 200 as am, then is it not enough to go back to the people through the show to focus. Like 500 or something like the ride? The ’ s was slow in taste of view of and ’ the State printing only by new year. I bought 2 FBinfluence. 0 to ’ cross this content and implemented in practice, everything, something much too happy! Hi Amy, there is an updated Guide for this? I ’ to find t something that ’ here to be mentioned in the current version of the power of the editor. :/. You are the best. In typically paid experts, that focuses on the commercialization of the music, but the information is valuable by far. I have this podcast (separated). It has some good ideas for my new site around the news feed is, and how!Thank you AmyWith, Ray. Hi good Job Amy. It is really hard to find and to navigate a link to the episode or part 2 or 3, 8 and 9 to your site. ? Amy is a social media strategist and co-author of the Facebook Marketing all-in one for Dummies. Help entrepreneurs in industry to develop strategies to maximize the power of social media and to increase your online marketing efforts. Click here to learn more about Amy's. .